Chicken Marsala Recipes Instant Pot

Chicken Marsala Recipes Instant Pot. The electric pressure cooker makes this recipe a breeze and perfect Add the chicken back to the pot to let it briefly soak up the sauce. Enjoy classic chicken Marsala on a weeknight with this recipe that comes together fast thanks to the help of a multicooker, like the Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Chicken Marsala |
Instant Pot Chicken Marsala | (Ralph Hodges)

Using your Instant Pot to make this recipe cuts down your time drastically! Add a big spoon of Sour Cream or Yogurt to the. This chicken Marsala recipe is cooked in the Instant Pot® using the Saute function and produces moist chicken breasts in a rich Marsala wine and mushroom sauce.

However, the simple and classic Chicken Marsala recipe is now going to make its way to the crock pot and become your new favorite slow cooker dinner!

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Instant Pot Chicken Marsala

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Instant Pot Chicken Marsala

Instant Pot Chicken Marsala

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Instant Pot Chicken Marsala Recipe

The Instant Pot brings new meaning to the saying "winner winner chicken dinner" with its ability to cook this protein at a lightning-fast speed. This recipe has a tender chicken marinated and then it is baked in a spicy This Instant Pot Tikka Masala is so full of flavor, this popular Indian dish tastes like you went and ordered this dish from an amazing Indian restaurant. Perfectly cooked chicken thighs with cremini mushrooms cooked in a sweet marsala wine mixture and served with pasta or mashed potatoes.

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